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ISD Vision

The Indiana School for the Deaf is the American Sign Language and English bilingual educational environment where students belong, excel, and thrive academically and socially.


Toddler, Pre-School, Pre-K

Offer early educational exposure to young Deaf and hard of hearing kids. The toddler program is available for eligible children ages 18 to 3 years.


Children who are aged 3 to 4 are able to participate in the pre-school program. The pre-K program is available to 4-5 year-olds.


Provide academic and learning opportunities for Deaf and hard of hearing students.  Each student’s academic progress is measured and charted through various assessment and testing systems as they progress through higher grade levels until graduation. 


All students have a transition Indiana Individual Education Plan (IIEP) in place by the age of 14 years old.

Career Training

A broad range of opportunities are offered to ISD students to explore their future career pathways. Some students will be college-bound upon graduation and the others will pursue trade school opportunities in alignment with their own interests and skillsets. One of ISD’s programs is Career and Technical Education in which students can take elective coursework on various subjects such as auto body repair to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Speech & Hearing Services

ISD offers a suite of onsite speech and hearing services on campus.  Deaf and Hard of Hearing students from diverse backgrounds all across Indiana congregate together on campus at ISD.
Students are all on the spectrum of different hearing levels.  Some students have a profound hearing loss level and others have some residual hearing level.  Electing to wear hearing aids or cochlear implants is a deeply personal choice for each student.

Student Life

As many students come from across Indiana, ISD offers residential programming for students who elect to stay at the dormitories on campus during the school year.  The Student Life department provides a broad range of services and activities in providing holistic support to both day students and residential students alike. Those services include after-school activities, food services, health center, athletics, and student camps.

Bilingual Education

The Indiana School for the Deaf provides bilingual education to its students. Bilingual education at ISD offers educational instruction through American Sign Language and English. This particular bilingual philosophy provides language acquisition and facilitates proficiency in these two languages. Bilingual and bicultural education is a basic right for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.
Learning Sign Language
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Make A Difference

Creating an impact on a deaf child's life.
Happy Children
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