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IDCF Logo Contest Announcement

Hello everyone! I have exciting news about the Indiana Deaf Children's Foundation (IDCF) announcing the winner for the design of IDCF's logo! Remember when we had a call out to all ISD students for submissions regarding a new logo design. In the spirit of the Foundation's purpose, the ISD student body contributes it's voice as the benefactor. We are excited to announce the winner: Michelle Eicher! Michelle: Thank you! David: Congratulations on being selected! As the recipient, you won $250! Thank you for your hard work. I'm curious how you came up with the design with the hands in the radial shape? Michelle: Well, IDCF's purpose is ISD's student body. ASL is our language that uses our hands and the Foundation's contributions are for hands on activities. These ideas are all about "hands" so I used them in the logo. David: Yes! Makes sense! How did you choose the colors for the design? Michelle: ISD has contributed a lot to the Deaf Community and is and makes up a large part of the community. I thought the colors orange, black, and grey were a perfect fit. David: I agree! Congratulations again! Michelle: Thank you!

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