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Our Vision

The Indiana Deaf Children Foundation envisions the Indiana School for the Deaf students thriving as global citizens in a diverse, barrier-free, innovative educational environment through the community’s strong support and involvement, facilitated by Indiana Deaf Children Foundation's growing endowment.

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Life Skills

Resources and materials on developing diverse life skills in preparation for life after high school.  Create and develop robust after school programs.  Establish tutoring services, money management and financial literacy skills, and also strengthen student clubs and organizations. 

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Skill development in enhancing literacy skills through bilingual and bicultural instructional support.  Purchase books and materials to expand language acquisition opportunities for all students at each grade level throughout the K-12 educational lifespan. 

Residential Life

Dormitories are frequently home for many students who come from  across Indiana to stay on campus.  Upgrade living spaces with furnishings, new paint, posters, sturdy tables to study, and any other age-appropriate décor which provides a sense of belonging, pride, and stability for students who live on-campus. 

Engaging community partners, stakeholders, businesses, donors, and policymakers in making lasting impact for generations.

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Staff Development

Provide professional opportunities for teachers and staff members to expand their skillset, knowledge base, and expertise to benefit ISD students.  Specialized trainings, workshops, and conferences allow ISD staff members to ensure continuous educational excellence to students in addition to offering supplemental resource support to caregivers/parents. 

ISD Student Scholarship.png

Student Leadership

A broad variety of leadership opportunities to guide, support, and nurture students in discovering their hidden talents, passions, and interests are channeled through diverse summer camps (e.g. robotics, Youth Leadership Camp).  Further expansion of students’ educational opportunities is also made available through academic and athletic scholarships. 

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Keeping pace with technological advancements will give a competitive edge in providing and maintaining continuous educational excellence for ISD students and staff alike.  Securing and providing current equipment will enable ISD to offer world-class deaf education, facilities, and resources to everyone on campus. 


Please consider making a donation to the Foundation to support ISD students and staff members.  
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